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Connecting with spirit, I will relay any messages for you that come through to him, there is no guarantee who will come through at the time.

I work with spirit throughout the reading asking them to come forward with information that can be verified by the person who's having the reading.

The reading is done in an informal way in order to make all involved (including spirit) feel more at ease, the individual will be in control of the reading and can ask at anytime if they wish for it to stop.

It is my aim, that through giving you a reading that it can help bring closure and or start your healing process over those who have passed.


Through the use of the Usui Reiki Practice, I will channel healing energy and use it to help your body heal and find its natural rhythm, allowing it to regain balance and encourage yourself to heal from within,

About Tim


Tim Land

Medium/Reiki Master

At an early age I was always known for having a very imaginative mind, as a child there was many occasions where I would receive "goosebumps" and "butterflies" in his stomach when certain situations would arise.  Growing up I would often have a feeling of not being alone when I was the only person in the room.

It wasn't until many years later I began to experience images and what I thought was someone voice from nowhere when I was near people, and an urge to speak to them even when I didn't know them.

After seeking some advice it became clear that I wasn't loosing my mind, but I was actually receiving messages/images from spirit who were trying to connect with people on this side of life, it was from this moment my lifelong spiritual  journey began, taking me into Reiki and developing my mediumship, and now i bring this all to Victoria BC.