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Entries by a Medium talking candidly and trying to de-myth many conceptions about Mediumship.

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And then there is nothing?

9th  May 2021

So you've had your awakening, youve got your head around it and whats happening, you've started to connect with your guide, you've started developing and then.....................nothing.

Suddenly you become aware that everything you've been working with isn't there anymore, it doesn't feel like your connecting anymore, your guides there but faintly, now the panic sets in, what did I do wrong? have I been making it all up all this time?

Its ok and this is a normal process, it took a while for me to learn whats actually happening in these moments, think of it like a mini break, a chance for you to evaluate and properly digest all you've been learning, its the spirits worlds way of not over loading you.

For me it usually means that when the spirit world feel that its appropriate for you to come online again then it will.  

Its a scary time as you become accustomed to the connection and all its mechanics and then it feels like its gone, a void thats appeared within yourself, this is when you realise how much of role your abilities/connection plays in you everyday life and how much you apply that part of yourself to the outside world around you.

This is were I believe the spirit world are good at making you understand how much it all fits into life and its contributions no matter how big or small, it also helps you understand more about you as a spiritual being, suddenly the emptiness/void all makes sense and you realise that this void/emptiness is neither of these things but actually you still developing and growing.

It will happen many times over the course of your journey, try not to fear it but embrace these moments as they happen.

The Guide/s

28th March 2021

Whilst meditating or as you function through everyday life, you may become aware of an individual/s that youve never met before, consistently being around you spiritually, you may just hear them, catch a glimpse of them or smell them, this is usually your guide letting you know they are there and ready to assist you.

As you awaken spiritually the awareness of them grows, it is normal at the start of this interaction to question, to doubt what or who this is, trust what comes through and is being said.

Your guide is an invaluable part to your spiritual development, their purpose is to aid you as much as possible, develop the relationship with them, set your boundaries with them.

I know, I know if your new to all this it goes against the grain of what the physical world preaches (Speaking to someone that not everyone can see) means your loosing it, there is a big difference in connecting with your guide and a potential mental health issue, so please dont think that the connection is a diagnosis of something wrong.

Work with your guide, they will teach/help and show you the other side and all its mechanics, that is what they are there for, they will become your best friend in the spirit world, the more you open up to them (as in connecting with the spirit world) the more clearer the connection becomes.  Learn about them and there signatures when they are around and what different feelings from them mean.

As i mentioned before they play a very important part in the connection to the spirit world, dont panic if it isn't clear or happening straight away, this is there way of getting you to be on the right vibration level as them in order to meet them (training begins right away) lol.

As always have fun with them as your journey progresses.  

Quitening the Mind

13th February 2021

As the journey begins, you will be told told to meditate, great you think so off you go and try to meditate, you sit in a quite space, you close your eyes, and you start.

Then Wham you mind goes berserk with a million thoughts hitting you all at once (what are doing for dinner tonight? did you remember to turn the stove off? What's planned when you return to work? How long should I meditate for? What will i experience?)

This I have learnt is all part of the natural process of what is coined as Stilling the Mind, this experience lets you know how busy your mind actually is, the goal is to lesson this or stop it in order to experience a proper meditation and raise your own energy levels in order to reach the different plains to contact spirit/communicate with spirit guides/astral travel (more on these subjects on another date).

There are many ways to calm the 'mind chatter down', my personal favourite is to when a thought like the above mentioned happens, acknowledge it by saying thank you and letting it go.  At the start you may have to do this many times until the chatter quietens down, when this happens and you'll know when it does as you will start to experience the meditation and the many wonders it can bring you.  

When I first hit into meditation i went in with big expectations of what I'd see/feel, i would suggest dialling it back and your goal to be quietening the mind and mastering that first, once this has been done then the next part of the meditation will follow automatically, more than likely you will come out of the meditation with many questions, but this is good, thats you developing and learning.

Knock Knock

10 January 2021

After the awakening came the knock knocks as I call them, once the other side are aware that you can be contacted so begins the "Knock Knock" as they make contact in a variety of ways at any time of the day.

This is were the development of the Medium begins, setting rules and boundaries to the other side, as I'm sure you can understand you cant be talking and communicating all day long, it can be very very draining, working out who the info is for and working on when's appropriate and not.

Again this is were the development path and life long learning begins for the Medium, it is there responsibility to work with the other side and themselves, practicing and developing the connection making it stronger and better.

My first "knock knock" moment was in the form of two Victorian children, who would stand by my bed at night and giggle, waking me up, they never said anything or did anything, just stand and giggle to themselves, this become annoying after the first week, they had no malice and when i spoke to them never responded (but this was in the early days of my development of connection) so i believe this was more me than them not communicating correctly.

As i worked with my spirit guide on rules and boundaries the communication timing became better and more settled rather than chaotic drop ins at anytime of the day.

The knock Knocks are nothing to be scared of, its not like in the movies where there is horrible things happening and as you develop as a medium you learn its more about excitement from the other side that you can connect to them and that you are opening up, a celebration from them as many are and always will be trying to "knock Knock" on your door, trying to guide you into your own awakening if its not already happened.

Medium Talks Blog

Entries by a Medium talking candidly and trying to de-myth many conceptions about Mediumship.


16 October 2020

Many in the industry will talk about an Awakening happening, not many understand this 'phrase'.  What is being referred to is when someone has become aware of the spirit world, this can be in different forms seeing/hearing people, smells that dont belong to anything in the physical world, feelings of being touched.

It can be a scary time especially when you think your loosing your mind, many people organically naturally awaken, some at an very early age, some a bit later in life (like myself), I opened the door to the spirit world or should I say they came a knocking and tentatively walked through, after seeking advice and clarification as to what was happening I realised that the signs for me had always been there that this was something i could do but had never really paid attention to many of them or just brushed them off.

I soon came to the realisation that its not a gift and that i wasn't a chosen one (this never sat right with me) but its something that everyone has the capability to do, its a case of wanting to, an interest, a lot of self realisation and development, a lot of trust, and life long learning and a little help from the other side.

Once you walk through the door you learn about individual guides and that they've always been there for  you, helping you, guiding you, but its that you haven't seen or felt there help because no one has mentioned to you what could be happening to you when you experience the guidance/help.  

As human beings we have evolved into a materialistic world that has become reliant on hard concrete evidence in order to accept, we have drifted away from the connections we once had with everything spiritually and have become closed off to the 'imaginary friend' we may have had when younger, being told that we are silly or that we have an over imaginative mind, ridiculed because we may have talked and interacted with something that not all could see.

With that being said, maybe, just maybe when we are younger the beginning of the awakening is happening but because we know no different  and share our experiences as children, we allow ourselves to shut down just as something truly beautiful has began.